A revolution in VAS (Value Added Solutions) SMS management.

Through several years of working alongside Mobile Network Operators VASilitate has developed the Vtext platform.

Many companies use short codes for voting and competition type services while long codes (regular mobile numbers), used for customer service type applications, are exponentially growing in popularity.

Traditionally businesses had to rely on a SMS supplier’s web based panel to receive SMS. Often these proved slow, counterintuitive, unable to handle large volume and lacked the filters needed for real time feedback.

Vtext provides a business with a carrier grade SMS system capable of receiving over 70 SMS per second. VText neatly presents all the received data in a user friendly and intuitive style.
Powerful filters allow viewers to effortlessly manipulate the received SMS data facilitating real time reports of SMS campaigns.

Many departments? Many users?
Vtext boasts three access levels, each having their own degree of visibility.

Intuitive, powerful and easy to use are simply the beginning of Vtext.

As with all VASilitate products Vtext has been tested in the real world.

Capable of handling over a quarter of million (250,000) SMS per hour, Vtext, with its beautiful Graphical User Interface and powerful backend, adds a new dimension of simplicity and security to your VAS text needs.

Unlike inferior products, Vtext works on a clear pricing model: one fixed monthly charge grants you a fully managed carrier grade SMS system.