Developing countries are experiencing an exponential growth in smartphone ownership.

An unbanked population coupled with no or unreliable short code SMS coverage and poorly set up direct carrier billing has left app developers and app store owners unable to monetise billions of potential users.

VASilitate App Payment Protocol (VAPP!) has been created to bridge the gap between the developing world and traditional app payment methods.

The VAPP! API seamlessly integrates into any Android or Windows Mobile app or app store.

Working alongside your existing billing strategy, VAPP! complements your existing app monetisation strategy.

Potential users are finally able to receive the same quality apps as those in the developed world, while app providers can monetise parts of the world they currently cannot.

Approved by over seven hundred operators, VAPP! instantly allows you to monetise over two hundred countries.

VAPP! removes barriers to global payments and also introduces assurances and dependability.

Regardless of which countries are monetised, VAPP! ensures:

  • One Solution
  • One Payout
  • One Billing Term

Join the revolution in global payments: talk to us today about becoming a VAPP! developer.